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About Nalini Verma

Nalini Verma is a professional cookery instructor for the last 30 years and has authored four cookery books. She has conducted television shows, judged several cookery contests, conducted seminars and contributed articles to magazines and newspapers.

Nalini's husband Capt: Sheelpriya Verma is a Helicopter piolet.At present the chief piolet of the Gov: of Jharkhand.Nalini is a member of 'Rotary Club of Cochin Harbour.Nalini is the past president of Rotary club of Cochin Harbour.

Nalini Verma offers tourists from across the globe a unique opportunity to get acquainted with finer nuances of traditional Kerala cuisine through her special cookery classes. These classes / demonstrations are meant exclusively for foreigners and conducted at her residence in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Kerala ( India ).

Guests are also provided the opportunity to enjoy a meal with an Indian family whereby they can enjoy delicious food in homely ambience. They also get an opportunity to interact personally with members of the family and therby experience the nuances of a joint family system. The unique experience brings tourists in close touch with the traditions, values and cultural ethos of this enchanting land.

Photographs of her books
a) The Best of Kerala Cuisine covers the complete range of vegetarian & non vegetarian recipes. First edition of the book has been completely sold out.

b) Pure Vegetarian Kerala Cuisine is a delight to those who love vegetarian food.

c) The third book Kerala Temptation was authored for Onida Microwave oven. Kerala cuisine. Veg & non veg recipes were adapted to micro wave cooking.

My 4th book is tiled. MYCROWAVE OVEN SPICE RECIPES. This book is on indian cooking in micro wave.Brought out by Spices Board of India Kochi. It contains receipes from all over India. The book covers the complete range of Indian veg & non veg cooking from soups, main dishes to desserts.
Nalini Verma believes in the Indian motto “Athithi DevoBhava” (the Guest is god) and hence personally attends to all her guests and does all the cooking personally.

In India the hostess and other women of the household serve the guests first. The women in every Indian home is referred to as Annaporna, the goddess of food. As a generous hostess , she cultivates the fine art of hospitality with great elan. Guests to her are indeed Gods and no effort is too much to satisfy their palate.

A perfect hostess provides not only good food,music and also interesting conversation, because these are the three basic principles of Indian hospitality. Visit her home for a meal and be a part of a memorable experience!

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